Home Watch Services

We at RD & P offer a complete home watch service for your seasonal vacation home. We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service of your property. Once we complete the inspection we will email you a copy of your inspection report. During our home check we inspect the following items: Exterior 1. Check for signs of forced entry, theft and vandalism, 2. Check for Broken screens
3. Check the Boat dock 4. Check to make sure Pool equipment is operating properly 5. Condition of landscaping
6. Check water softener salt level and add salt as needed
7. Remove all news papers, flyers and phone books
8. Check mail if requested Interior 1. Check for signs of pests 2. Check Ceilings, walls, windows, and floors for water damage 3. Check all appliances (run rinse cycle on dishwasher)
4. Check Pluming and water heater for leaks
5. Check power panel for signs of power surge
6. Check the AC for leaks and proper operation (change filter if needed)
7. Run water in all facets and flush toilets We include closing and opening of your home in our monthly service. Closing of your home 1. Shut water off from the exterior
2. Shut off water heater
3. Turn up the thermostat to 81 F. 4. Empty the ice maker and shut it off
5. Make sure all windows and doors are properly secured
6. Make sure all trash cans are empty and secured Opening of your home 1. Turn on water 2. Turn on water heater
3. Turn down the thermostat to pre determined temperature
4. Turn on the ice maker Additional services offered 1. Storm preparedness (Put up storm panels and secure all patio furniture and outdoor plants. (Prior notice is recommended so make sure your home is fully protected). Remove panels after the storm and bring out patio furniture and out door plans.
2. Water and feed the plants as per instructions
3. Stock your refrigerator prior to your arrival 4. Start and idle, stored cars and boats. 5. Key service to outside contractors (All outside contractors must provide copy of their license and insurance certificate made out RD & P Construction prior to start of work)
6. Serve as a security alarm notification agent.

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