Home Inspections

RD & P is fully licensed to complete all of your home inspection needs. Typical residential inspections are.  Buyers Inspections, Four-point Inspections, Wind Mitigation Inspections, and Mold Inspections.


Buyers Inspection Services:


Buyers Inspections consist of but not limited to:


1. Roof

2. Exterior

3. Heating

4. Cooling

5. Pluming

6. Electrical

7. Attic

8. Doors and windows

9. Interior


The inspection is visual inspection of premises.


In our inspection report we document the condition observed.


If any deficiencies are noted, we also give you an estimated cost for repairs.


As  a state certified general contractor, we can give you an accurate estimate for any repairs needed, so that you can make an educated decision on the purchase of the home.



Four-Point Inspection Service


A Four Point Inspection is an inspection of four major components of the house. We inspect the condition and expected life expectancy of the components.


1. Roof

2. Electrical

3. Pluming



The 4 point inspection is generally required for homes more that 30 years old when a new insurance policy is needed.


The insurance underwriters want to limit their exposure to unmaintained and inadequate mechanical components in the homes they insure. 




Wind Mitigation Inspection Services


Since 2003 the insurance companies have been mandated by the Florida legislature to give discounts for design and construction features of the home which improve its hurricane resistance.  The majority of homes, even older homes qualify for least some of the discounts.


1. We inspect the roof geometry

2. Roof sheeting and nailing pattern

3. Check for secondary water barriers

4. Roof framing tie downs

5. Impact resistance of all doors and windows


Mold Inspection Services


Mold inspections are sometimes needed  if you believe you have mold in your home.  A properly conducted mold inpection will not only determine if there is mold, but will determine the cause of the mold growth.


If there are no visible signs of mold, air sampling and surface sampling may be required to determine the location of the mold infestation.


If mold is visible to the naked eye there is no need for to do air sampling. 


Once the location and cause of mold are determined the appropriate remediation can be completed.


Mold is a natural organism that is present in all home and outdoor environments at low levels. Mold needs three things to grow.


1.Organic matter as food source

2. Water

3. Time (48-72hrs.)


In mold inspections it is imperative to determine the source of water.  Once the source of water is determined the problem can  repaired and the mold remediation can be completed.


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